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Ice Resurfacer Maintenance

By Brandon Klement, 09/05/17, 7:45PM CDT


Cost, stages and budget for IR maintenance

With the end of summer near…don’t fear….hockey is near! With hockey near…get your resurfacer gear ready! Well…we are not talking about your skating gear; however, we are talking about your ice resurfacer.

Our last newsletter discussed the fossil fuel resurfacer so let us take a brief five minutes to outline the types of electric IR maintenance, cost, stages to complete them and roughly what to budget. You will find that both the fossil fuel and electric resurfacer share numbers one - two; however, the third item changes due to the battery as the ice resurfacer power plant.


Types of IR Maintenance

I. Reactive: Broken bearing, weak master link, neglected batteries

 Pros: Lower initial cost, less staff, no planning needed

Cons: Short life expectancy, unexpected down time, uncontrollable budgets

II. Preventative: Clean, lubricate, adjust, minor component replacement

Pros: Extends life, efficient, increases up time, less unplanned maintenance

Cons: Planning and time to complete

Performing Types of IR Maintenance

In-House Challenges: Time to complete, Knowledge (parts swappers), Tools can be $$$

Out-Sourced: Dedicated time, Factory Trained, Tools are owned and specific

What, When & How Much

Daily: Inspect and Grease Auger Bearings - Facility Staff

Weekly: Inspect, Blade Change, Clean Blade Holder, Grease conditioner/auger points, equalize & water batteries - Facility Staff

Monthly: Inspect, Grease ALL Grease Points and test battery cell voltage on a full charge- Facility Staff

1. 2.15 to 2.17 is what is expected with each cell +/- .02 of each other

Annually: Factory Maintenance via Factory Trained $ Authorized Dealer

Estimated at $1500 - $2000

Three to Five Years: Auger Bearings, Pins, Bushings, Conditioner Work, Tires

$2000 - $4000 Depending on Extent of Conditioner Work

Some Electric Resurfacers require Battery Replacement at 3-5 yrs @ $12000

Eight to Ten Years: Olympia Battery Replacement estimated at $16,000

Ten to Twelve Years: Trade in or Rebuild IR to Eliminate Constant Repair

$15,000 - $30,000

Take a brief moment to decompress….OK…Ready? Keep in mind the above are estimated costs. All authorized dealer’s cost will very depending on travel, work completed, and the maintenance program that was designed specifically for your facilities needs.

So when planning your Electric IR maintenance before this hockey season, contact CIAS to help develop a custom Preventative Electric IR Maintenance Program.