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Expecting The Unexpected - Loss of Power

By Brandon Klement, 10/02/17, 10:30AM CDT


Time is money when the power goes out!

When the power goes out, do you have a plan in place?

WOW….what a wild September! October can’t come soon enough for those located in the Southern United States where multiple hurricanes, flooding and weeks with out power have brought misfortune to both persons and businesses. No one can prepare for a natural disaster as large as Harvey, but we can prepare minor emergency situations such as an unexpected loss of power.  

As skating facilities we are selling ice, and it is our biggest concern when the power is lost. So what are some areas that should be included in our facilities policies and procedures if a loss of power does happen? Outlined below are suggested areas and topics to consider while developing your facilities loss of power emergency policies and procedures 

Regular Inspections of: 

  • Emergency Lights 

  • Emergency Flashlights 

  • Exit Lights 

  • Generators if available 


Equipment to have on site: 

  • Glow in the dark flashlights 

  • Candles 

  • Water 

  • Battery operated lamps 

  • Spare batteries 

  • Weather Radios 

  • Analog phone line 


Operating Procedures 

  • Staff responsibilities 

  • What to do with patrons 

  • Skating surface preparation to keep cold 

  • Preparation of mechanical equipment when power is restored 

  • Program cancelation procedures 

  • EMS Communication  

While we can not prepare for every situation that will present itself during a loss of power, we can at a minimum use the above list to get started to help reduce unwanted costs with a loss of power.