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We Don't Have That, Now What?

By Brandon Klement, 10/24/17, 5:45AM CDT


Are you ready for the last-minute, quick fixes?

You are confident, you have done all that you can to prepare for the season and nothing will surprise you, right? Go ahead and laugh,  because you know you run an ice arena and anything can happen.  The question is, are you prepared?

As the skating season kicks off, we try to be as prepared as humanly possible for what unknown surprises lie ahead. As a facility, you are confident, you have done all that you can and nothing will surprise us this season; Nothing!  

Why? Because you went as far as checking the check list, there is nothing left to do but let the well-oiled machine reap the benefits, because you know it is an ice arena and anything can happen.  

So what is left? How about the odd part that commonly breaks on a Friday night at 11:00 PM during the biggest tournament of the year? You know I have a button that I push on Friday at midnight that makes things break. But seriously, what parts should a facility keep in stock to help lessen unwanted resurfacer down time?  

According to Clint Eastwood's character Walt Kowalski in the movie Gran Torino, you can do half of your household chores with just three things: WD-40, a vise grip (adjustable pliers), and a roll of duct tape. You can also fix most of the minor pop up resurfacer issues by keeping some basic parts on hand. They range from the smallest part (master link on the auger chain) to the biggest part (spare tire). 

First, let's talk about how you're going to amass all these life saving parts. Racking them all up at once could run you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The smartest course is to buy the basic parts you need to have on hand and then build your inventory over the coming years. So what is basic and not?  

Basic Less Expensive Parts: 

  • Stub Shaft 

  • Bushing 

  • Horizontal Auger Bearings 

  • Horizontal Auger Chain 

  • Squeegee 

  • Flooding Towel  

  • Spare Tire 

  • Main Key Relay 

  • 12V or 24V Coils 

  • Snow Breaker Springs 

Advanced/Higher Priced Parts: 

  • Hydraulic Auger Motors 

  • Electric Wheel Motors 

  • Electric Auger Motors 

  • Wheel Controlers 

The lists above should certainly get you on the right path to a “I got this” instead of “Oh Crap” and help you tackle just about any minor scenario with your resurfacer. But for now… WD-40 has over 2,000 handy uses, and you know duct tape is an essential tool for every would-be MacGyver!

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