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Resurfacing? Circle Check Your Machine To Save Time & Money

By Brandon Klement, 11/14/17, 1:45PM CST


We hear it over and over, complete your resurfacer circle check at the start of your work shift. Here are the reasons why, and how it will save you time and money in the long run!

Check, Double Check, and Triple Check!
We hear it over and over and over, complete your resurfacer circle check at the start of your work shift. But why you ask, the resurfacer runs fine. Yes, at the moment it does, but what about the mechanical parts that are visibly failing, but go unnoticed because you are not performing a circle check? These parts will fail, and will usually cause additional damage because they were not replaced at a normal maintenance interval. 

The importance of completing a circle check is to make timely observations of equipment malfunction which will help your service provider address the concerns, or to make arrangements for equipment repair through a planned maintenance program. This keeps the equipment operating at its optimum efficiency and lowers your lost revenue due to equipment malfunction.  
What is a general outline of a circle check?  
Hint: your manufacturer has videos that you can watch that explains what your operators should be completing at the beginning of each shift. YES! It is that easy.  
The biggest tip that we can give to you is don’t get complacent while completing the circle check, and don’t assume that the previous operator did a proper pre-start inspection. 
After completing a good circle check and documenting it, are we finished? No! During your shift, use your senses and be aware of any changes: sight, sound, smell and touch must be used by an operator throughout the shift.  
Finally, a post-shift circle check should be completed. For Example: record the hour meter, re-fueling, any changes, any damages and notify your operations supervisor of anything that should be inspected/repaired.  
Complete your due diligence as a competent operator and this will save you time and money in the long run, and keep the kids on the ice!