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Making 2018 Successful

By Brandon Klement, 01/02/18, 6:15PM CST


It’s that time of year again. The New Year is upon us and you have twelve new chapters and 365 new chances! 

As a skating facility professional, you likely spend much of your day putting out fires, seeing projects through to completion, and ensuring you have armed yourself and your workforce with the necessary tools for a healthy, productive environment. Even if your facility is running smoothly, there is always room for improvement. There is no better time to examine policies and standard operating procedures and make professional resolutions for the coming year. 

To identify areas that might need attention, begin by creating a list of organizational priorities. What is the current budget status? Have you reached goals set in 2017? What are the new long and short-term goals? Are there any immediate concerns carried over from last year?  

After brainstorming and answering of some tough questions, we can create a realistic list of New Year’s resolutions. The following areas are a great place to start, and are areas that Complete Ice Arena Services can assist with. 

Reduce costs. Obviously, cutting costs and increasing
revenue is always a goal. But examining organizational maintenance procedures can reveal options that might not have been thought of. Not adhering to a regular maintenance program, whether in-house or contracted, maintenance on equipment can quickly increase costs. Put a pen to paper and you will realize the benefit to creating a maintenance schedule for all facility equipment. That old adage “you have to spend money to make money” comes to mind here.  Along with the money saved in replacement of damaged equipment, organizations save on less downtime and productivity lost when equipment fails.   

Educate your staff and provide them the tools and time they need to do so. We are in a constant state of change. Those who wish to be successful must consistently seek out new knowledge. Give your team the training and education needed to achieve individual and team goals. Remember, the greatest of leaders lead by example, so be sure to continually educate yourself as well.   

Create standard reporting procedures. Document, document, document! Developing and adopting a clear, simple and easy standard for reporting provides you valuable insight into past, present and future operating procedures. This will allow you to shift focus where needed and help you ensure your 2018 goals are managed, tracked, and achieved. 

Regardless of what you resolve to accomplish this year, make a point to follow through. Write your goals down and keep the list handy as a reminder. If you start early and remain diligent, you stand to deliver results that you and your staff can celebrate!