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Are You Prepared For A Playoff Run?

By Brandon Klement, 01/24/18, 11:30AM CST


In-ice logos are a big part of the playoffs!

What a great time of year to be involved in ice sports and hockey, and as March draws near it can only mean one thing, playoff time! Sure, it is only January, but facilities are gearing up to host tournaments of all sizes from peewees to prep, college and pro's.   

Part of this preparation and planning may include in-ice logo installation. Get the puck out of here you might say . . . no, get the paint in here! 

In-ice logo installation doesn't have to be intimidating and a painstaking process. After all, it's tournament time soon so lets get excited and make magic on the ice happen . . . make things disappear, and other things appear with the help of Complete Ice Arena Services.  

* Know the current depth of your white paint and in-ice logos 
* Only shave down as far as you need to
* Get the surface temp of the ice to about 28 degrees (time this out so it is 28 when you are ready to shave ice) 

When cutting out the ice above an existing logo or white paint: 
* Measure the ice depth and keep taking ice depths so you know when to stop 
* Shave out the ice at the locations of the logos,making sure to measure and cut once. Be sure to shave a wide enough path to blend in the white 
* After several passes, get the edger out and edge a pass on each side of the spot that you are shaving (only on each side) 
* Then make a pass down one side, then come back on the other side, then go down the middle (repeat the resurfacer passes several times and then edge again)  
* Try not to shave over the red and blue lines, which will create patterns of bright lines and dull lines 
* When done shaving, leave enough ice on top of the white paint or current logo to cut out new logo without cutting into white paint or logo 

TIP: During the shaving process, make sure you turn your refrigeration set point back down so you can get the surface temp to 16 degrees so you can paint the white when ready!  

New Logo Installation: 

* Get the surface smooth before painting 
* Mix the paint as you did when you installed the ice to match white paint 
* Keep spraying white over the logos (spray, let freeze, spray, let freeze, 4-5 times) 
* Seal in the white with 2-3 seal coats 
* Install logos and build ice  


It's an exciting time of year, and we are prepared to assist with any of your needs. Get in touch with Brandon today and talk about tourney time!