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Planned vs. Reactive Maintenance

By Brandon Klement, 04/08/18, 7:00PM CDT


Planned or Reactive Maintenance…what is the difference?  

Planned Maintenance 
Planned maintenance, also called preventive or scheduled maintenance, is when maintenance and inspections of your equipment are scheduled at regular intervals. This ensures that equipment is operating correctly and will reduce unwanted and unexpected downtime that could cost you thousands of dollars.   

Reactive Maintenance 
Plain and simple, this is breakdown maintenance. It could be called corrective maintenance, but it is a reactive style maintenance where repairs are completed at the time when the equipment fails. This style of maintenance is costly due to unplanned downtime, damaged equipment, and emergency service fees. Typically this style of maintenance is only taken on with equipment that is inexpensive and easy to replace.  

Balancing Planned and Reactive Maintenance 
Planning out what equipment can be categorized as planned versus reactive maintenance will definitely help create reliability in your facility for staff and customers, and it will also reduce the extended ownership costs. Usually businesses strive for 25% reactive and 75% planned.  

Pros of Planned Maintenance 
• Extends equipment life
• Less capital expense over time
• Efficient equipment/less operating costs
• Lower overtime costs
• Compliant with industry laws
• Improved budget control
• Decreased large scale repairs
• Decreased interrupted activity scheduling
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Easier scheduling of planned maintenance

Planning and Scheduling Maintenance
Now that planned and reactive maintenance is defined, what are the keys to planning out your equipment maintenance during the approaching off-season? That is easy, contact Complete Ice Arena Services to help you develop a custom service plan! All that is needed is your manufacture’s operation manual and time to plan, we make it easy-peasy!