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The Importance of Continuing Your Education

By Brandon Klement, 06/10/18, 8:30AM CDT


Knowledge and Education, It Happens Every Day! 

We recently attended the North American Rink Conference and Expo (NARCE) and while it has come and gone, the knowledge gained will last a career. Knowledge is the key that unlocks all the doors. Without knowledge, one simply can not be successful at life or a career.

To grow in one’s career, gaining as much knowledge as possible is important. How do we do this? Simple, educate yourself! Attending continuing education conferences such as NARCE, or taking equipment specific training seminars are key to development and attaining proficiency and skill in the field in which we want to excel and build a career.

Just by taking the simple step of calling Complete Ice Arena Services to ask a question for example, is a step in educating yourself. And if we don't have the answer, we in turn do research until will do. Amazing how this knowledge thing works!  

We encourage you to educate yourself, regardless of what stage of your career that you are in. Read your equipment operation manuals, watch industry specific YouTube videos, seek professional advice/training and above all, use your network of professional colleagues to ask questions. These are all excellent and relatively easy ways to gain the industry best practices to improve knowledge.  

The more knowledgeable you have, the better you are equipped to manage the processes that create success. More than anything, knowledge must be put to good use, and CIAS is here to assist you!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to reach out to us for any summer maintenance needs or other assistance as we head into the 'off-season' (if there is such a thing anymore)!