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Resurfacer Maintenance: Are You Tuning Up Or Tuning Out?

By Brandon Klement, 08/08/18, 12:15PM CDT


I was recently talking with a friend who had a car issue, and it made me think of our industry and this time of year - end of summer already! - when resurfacer maintenance should be top of mind. 

This friend was driving his truck around town for weeks with a squealing noise coming from underneath the hood. He'd "squeal" into the parking lot to meet me and I'd ask him if he had it looked at. He'd squeal out of the lot later on and down the road he'd go. "No big deal" he kept saying. 

Until last weekend. 

That's when he called me and said 'Dang it Brandon, I should have listened to you'. That was my opening for one of my favorite lines, "I told you so".

Turns out he was making a product run and right at the most inopportune time, about as far as he could get between one town and the next, the belt blew and there he was. Just him and the road, and an understanding of what was causing the squealing noise. Two hours later a tow truck showed up. Six hours later he was back on the road having spent way more money than the simple belt replacement would have been, plus lost time, a product undelivered and an unhappy client. Oh, and one friend with a big grin because I told him so.

This season I don't want to be the one to tell you that I told you so. Ice resurfacer maintenance is something that should be a priority on your list heading into the season. Having a tech pick through your machine can catch issues that, like my buddy, will cause you all sort of headaches, lost time and potentially a ton of money.

Auger bearings, pins, bushings, conditioner work; there are dozens of issues that can be caught and corrected. 

We are currently scheduling fall maintenance and would love to talk with you about how we can keep your machine on the ice, your budget in tact, and your customer and bosses happy!