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Repair, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!

By Brandon Klement, 01/29/19, 1:15PM CST


Repair, eat, sleep and repeat seems to be the norm during the winter for skating facilities.

Things break, we fix them.

They break again and we fix them again.

And again. And again. And again.

STOP! This is not Groundhogs Day and you are not Bill Murray.

Failure analysis should be part of every repair that is performed on operating equipment in your facility. I am speaking from experience. Recent experience. Like two weeks ago experience! Yes, I do some very dumb things, but I try to learn from them. Even after the third time! (Hey, I never said I was a fast learner).

To make a long story short, a hydraulic pump kept burning up and every time I changed it the negative terminal was loose. I chalked it up to me not installing it correctly, but the last time I used red lock tight (for those who don’t know, you need high heat in order to break it loose) when I installed the power on the terminal. It was not coming loose, ever.

Well, guess what, it did not come loose but the motor armature burnt up again. Now I knew something was wrong, so after this third motor was installed I FINALLY tested the power draw from the motor. Well dip me in honey, cover me in sugar and call me honey! Somehow, someway, the pressures on the reliefs in the hydraulics were way out of the factory setting.

The amperage draw was double what the motor was rated for! After adjusting the relief valves the amperage draw fell within the specs of the motor, and guess what, I did not even have to use red lock tight!

So what did I learn? Always do a failure analysis, regardless of what presents itself when completing a repair!

If you need help in any situation, we are just a phone call away. Learn from my experience and yes, my mistakes because if you don’t, you might as well be cast in Groundhogs Day with Bill Murray!